We believe God wants The Bridge to build redemptive community across generations. We believe He wants to use us to save the world. We also believe we should take a good look at ourselves and the opportunities in front of us so we can best prepare for this task in 2017. We need your help to do that. The task ahead of us will take all our people and a good deal of honesty and planning and prayer.

Please take time to answer the four questions below as well as you can. We will share the findings at a family meeting on Jan 29.


We want to evaluate four aspects of The Bridge: strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats.

Strengths are the things we are doing well or the gifts we have as a church.

Weaknesses are things we do not do well or gifts we are missing. As you proceed, keep in mind that every organization will have weaknesses and we will sometimes make decisions to focus on our strengths and what God is calling us to do other than to address all of our weaknesses. For example,  a car repair may find that they excel in oil changes but are weak at tire rotation. They may decide to focus on oil changes and stop rotating tires.

Opportunities may represent options open to us because of our strengths, or they may simply be opportunities any church faces in our county and at this time. For example, our mechanic above may have an opportunity in the oil change market because of his strengths. But he may also have opportunities in the matter market because there are so many electric cars showing up in our culture.

Threats are similar—they may exist because of blindspots of The Bridge, or they may exist for any Bible church in our culture.


Don’t let that feel complicated. We want YOUR unique feedback and perspective. Pray about the questions below and answer them as best you can. And THANK YOU for stepping into this journey with us!

Survey Questions

Optional Information

If you would like to share your contact information below, you may do so.  It would help in case we need to clarify any comments.  Thank you for sharing!